Ventilation systems

A person spends most of his life indoors and he needs fresh air, relevant temperature and proper lighting. It is not always possible to create appropriate conditions. Natural ventilation system has been created to satisfy these needs. It provides an opportunity to: automatically open unreachable windows for ventilations, create and maintain optimal microclimate indoors, follow the changes of air conditions with the help of a special sensor, sun lighting intensiveness, rain and wind intensiveness/direction.

The main advantage of natural ventilation is minimum consumption of electricity (the system is on standby most of the time), as well as naturalness of air which gets inside. 220 V spindle engines, 220 V gear drive engines and manual opening screw mechanisms are used for the control of ventilation hatches. Screw mechanisms are used for the control of hatches that are installed in low premises (up to 3 meters), when their total amount does not exceed 5-7 units. It is related to a relatively troublesome opening (it is done with the help of a handle which has a hook attached to a long aluminum pole). If there are more hatches and bigger height, a person opening such hatches should have pole vaulting skills.

When there is need to open more hatches and they are high (over 3 meters), 220 V electrical engines become irreplaceable.

 The aforementioned equipment can operate with the protection devices against atmospheric forces in premises and ventilation hatches: rain/wind sensors and control stations with switches up/down,  that allow controlling hatches in segments.