exit hatches OUTLUX

OUTLU X type roof access hatches manufactured by UA B Buitmena are intended for safe and convenient accessing the roof. If equipped with a transparent dome, it additionally performs the function of natural light illuminaion of rooms situated under the hatch.   The structure of the access hatch consists of the base (manufactured of galvanised steel sheet, this type of base should be fitted with an additional insulation layer of mineral wool, polystyrene foam, or another thermal insulating material with a thickness of at least 40 mm, or "warm" type bases made of polyester laminate reinforced with glass fibre) and hinged segment (blind metal thermally insulated cover, or with a transparent dome made of acryl or chambered polycarbonate board). The hinged segmentm is fitted with gas shock absorbers, a handle, and lock with keys. Made of high-quality materials, adjusted for roofs of any type, OUTLU X type roof access hatches guarantee safety and reliability even under critical operating and environmental conditions, while a broad range of accessories ensures flexibility of the system and satisfies high requirements of construction projects.


                                                                                            ATITINKA EI30