Automatics of windows and skylights

            We offer a broad range of automatics of windows and skylights from opening mechanisms (230V, 24V DC and automated pneumatic CO2 drives) to control blocks (manual, remote, and automated control and protection against unfavourable air conditions).

            Electric drives are used for opening and closing of windows and skylights intended for ventilation (230V-50Hz) or smoke removal (24V DC). Depending on the dimensions of windows and skylights, the drive appropriate in terms of capacity is selected from a broad range of mechanisms. The aforementioned electric units can operate with room ventilation stations, which allow controlling windows or skylights as entire units or by segments, as well as with units protecting against atmospheric factors, i.e. rain/wind sensors.

            Smoke removal skylights are equipped with automated pneumatic CO2 mechanisms with a temperature ampoule (there are two types of ampoules: for temperatures of 68 and 93˚C), which allow opening the skylights to an angle of 90 or 140 degrees as provided for in the manual. The described system can operate independently, without being connected to the whole system (the smoke removal skylight opens as a result of fusing of the alcohol ampoule under the impact of temperature: fusing of the ampoule causes releasing the needle, which pierces the CO2 cylinder (most frequently 20g), and pressurised carbon dioxide flowing from the cylinder pushes the piston of the pneumatic servomotor and opens the skylight).

            However, normally a chimney flue section is separated in buildings, and all skylights in such section are opened at a time by the fire control station operated by the person responsible for the security of the building. The section is opened by releasing carbon dioxide from the 300, 500, or 800g gas cylinder installed in the station and is directed to the cylinders of pneumatic motors. Depending on the sizes of the skylights and CO2 cylinders, up to 10 skylights can be opened at a time. After the rescue operation, the skylights are closed manually on the roof of the building.

TF21/24 TF41/44 control units


Control and power unit

SL60 Chain actuator



Chain actuator – Thrust force 600N – Max stroke 750mm.

TR8 Remote control


Remote control.

Radio transmitter at 433,92 Mhz rolling-code and infrared with 8 keys in silicone rubber backlit in blue, powered at 6V by two button batteries. The transmitter is equipped with support for fastening to the wall.

ACK4 400mm chain actuator


Chain actuator – Thrust force 300N – Max stroke 400 mm.

AC8 PCU32 MEM Modular surveying units of control and detection


The AC8 and the PCU32 represent a modular control and surveying system for the evacuation of smoke and heat and to control climatic
variations such as rain and wind. The module system has been designed to allow the customer great flexibility to implement and to program

360 mm 200N chaine actuator

Chain actuator – Thrust force 300N – Max stroke 360mm.