About us

Fire propagation in buildings and structures is limited by the application of means for limiting the burning area and intensity and duration of burning, which also include the use of systems for the removal of smoke from premises. The smoke and heat exhaust ventilation units manufactured by UAB Buitmena comply with fire safety requirements and are made and tested in accordance with the latest effective standards and recommendations.

UAB Buitmena was established in 2003 and currently is the first and only manufacturer of smoke and heat removal skylights in the Baltic countries, whose products have been tested by an EU notified laboratory and issued compliance evaluation.

The company has a production control system, which helps qualified performance of orders starting from the consolidation of materials to provision of final products to the customer as well as ensures that all products manufactured by the company comply with the requirements of the effective standards and regulatory documents.

Owing to long-standing work experience, innovative ideas, and flexible and ambitions professionals in their fields, we have managed to attract of our clients hundreds of construction sites both in Lithuania and abroad to the scope.

Our products:

  • smoke and heat removal skylights
  • dome skylights
  • solid roof windows
  • solid roof windows with smoke and heat removal segments
  • roof access hatches
  • light structures and other non-standard products

More than 90 % of all fatalities in fire are caused by emissions of poisonous burning gases and carbon dioxide rather than by flame. Therefore, the smoke removal and ventilation systems we manufacture provide a critically important means of fire safety protecting not only tangible assets of companies, but also the most important asset, human life.